preparing for a ski holiday

It’s the time of year again when thousands of Irish people are preparing for a ski holiday. Anybody who’s been to the slopes before knows just how enjoyable and even addictive it can be, while every year, many more decide to go on a ski trip for the first time.

If you’re one of those but aren’t sure exactly what to expect and are preparing for a ski holiday for the first time, here are some tips to help you get the most from your first ski holiday:

Kids go free with our Family Travel Insurance

Yes that’s right, when your buy your Winter Sports Travel Insurance and buy it as part of your Family Travel Insurance policy, kids under the age of 18 go free.

Just borrow or rent whatever you can

Ski equipment and ski wear is expensive. You may want to look the part as you take to the snow, but if you discover it’s not for you and decide you won’t be returning, you don’t want to be left with lots of gear and clothes you won’t be needing again. Goggles, boots, gloves, and even jackets and ski pants can all be borrowed from others who’ve been skiing before. All the equipment you’ll need can be rented at your resort. If you do want to buy, keep an eye out for Aldi and Lidl deals – they sell ski equipment and clothing from time to time. But a couple of things you will want to buy however are thermal underwear and socks – we’re sure you don’t want to wear somebody else’s!

Go for a chalet holiday, not self-catering

Self catering may be the budget option, but you’ll have enough to think about your first ski holiday without worrying about shopping, cleaning up, etc., as well. At a chalet, you’ll have meals and probably even drinks laid on, and others to do the housekeeping – leaving you free to make the most of your time for skiing.

Listen to the instructors – not your friends

If you’re travelling with others who’ve been skiing before, chances are they’ll offer to help you learn the basics. Say ‘no thanks’ – but nicely, so as not to offend them! The reality is that the instructors are your resort are far better placed to teach beginners like you, no matter how well-intentioned your friends are. And it also means that your friends will get more from their holiday, by progressing to more advanced slopes instead of hanging back with you in the beginner’s area.

Get fit – even just a little

This is unlikely to be news to you, but skiing is a very physical activity. If you’re completely out of shape or unused to exercise, you won’t enjoy it. You don’t have to go running like you’re preparing for a marathon – just take a few simple steps like cycling or walking on short trips instead of driving, and doing a few push-ups or other exercises each day. You could be surprised at the difference it makes.

Consider a dry run

The Ski Club at Kilternan in Dublin offers single classes for adults at just €45, or a series of four classes in a day for €120. It’s a great way to learn the basics before you fly out for the real thing, and could be money very well spent.

Carry a backpack!

Carry a backpack with you each day. You’d be surprised at how warm you can get while skiing, despite the snow, so it’s great to have a bag that you can put clothing into as you shed a layer or two. It’s also ideal for carrying bottles of water. Trust us – you’ll get  thirsty as you ski!

Make sure you have comprehensive ski insurance

This is one of the most important of all. Skiing is great fun, but it is hazardous too, and every year, large numbers of people suffer broken bones and other injuries while on the slopes.

If that happens you, you’ll want to at least know that your ski travel insurance or winter sports travel insurance will cover your medical costs, evacuation costs (if necessary), and compensate you for loss of skiing time.

A good winter sports travel insurance policy will also cover you against other instances that can also ruin your holiday, such as avalanche cover, piste closure cover, and loss of equipment cover.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance from delivers you all the following benefits:

  • Winter sports equipment cover (up to €600)
  • Hire of replacement equipment (up to €500)
  • Avalanche/landslide cover (up to €750)
  • Piste closure cover (up to €750)
  • Other inability to ski cover (up to €500)
  • Round-the-clock medical assistance hotline, 365 days per year
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage cover, up to €3,000 per person
  • Emergency medical and/or transportation cover, up to €10 million per person
  • Luggage loss/delay insurance
  • Flight cancellation/delay insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Third party personal liability insurance

So when you are preparing for a ski holidayWinter Sports Travel Insurance policy from us gives you the peace of mind you’ll need to enjoy your ski holiday to the max.
Just get a quote now.