Winter Sports Travel Insurance

So, you’re off to the slopes for some snow, skiing, or snowboarding – and of course, all that great après ski socialising too. Your destination could be France, Andorra or Austria, the Alps or even the Rockies, but it’s bound to be a great holiday, as more and more Irish families are discovering each year. Wherever you are going Winter Sports Travel Insurance with the best levels of cover is a must.

A Winter Sports holiday can also be hazardous, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced skier or snowboarder. It’s easy to twist an ankle, break bones, or suffer some other injury while shooting down the slopes, as many victims discover each year.

If you’re unfortunate enough to become one of those victims, you’ll at least want the security of knowing that your travel insurance will look after all your needs, and that’s where Winter Sports Travel Insurance from comes in.

Winter sports is included as standard with our Platinum Annual Travel Insurance Policy.

Benefits of Winter Sports Travel Insurance knows that there’s a lot that can go wrong on a Winter Sports holiday, even apart from the risk of personal injury. There’s the possibility of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, and the chance of piste closures in certain weather conditions, meaning you won’t get full value from the holiday you’ve paid for.

So, our Winter Sports Travel Insurance policy includes:

  • Winter sports equipment cover (up to €600)
  • Hire of replacement equipment (up to €500)
  • Avalanche/landslide cover (up to €750)
  • Piste closure cover (up to €750)
  • Other inability to ski cover (up to €500)

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They’re all in addition to our standard travel insurance policy benefits, which include:

  • Round-the-clock medical assistance hotline, 365 days per year

  • Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage cover, up to €3,000 per person

  • Emergency medical and/or transportation cover, up to €10 million per person

  • Luggage loss/delay insurance

  • Flight cancellation/delay insurance

  • Personal accident insurance

  • Third party personal liability insurance

Great Rates For Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Consider all those benefits, you may be surprised at how we can offer such cheap Winter Sports travel insurance – but as a major player in travel insurance, that’s exactly what we’re able to do.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance can be added to your Single Travel Insurance or Gold Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy for as little as €14 (Winter sports cover is included as standard on our Platinum Annual Travel Insurance Policy). If you are injured during a winter sport holiday, you may take a huge financial hit especially in countries like the US and Canada where treatment for a a broken wrist can cost as much as €2,034.

Just add Winter Sports Cover as an optional extra when you get your travel insurance quote – and let yourself be pleasantly surprised at what we can offer you at such a great price.

Once you have your cover sorted, go and enjoy the snow!